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Cheddar biscuits

If you’re a fan of Red Lobster, then you’re well aware of the existence of the restaurant chain’s signature Cheddar Bay Biscuits. If you’re a fan of John Oliver, then you also know that Red Lobster has recently declared bankruptcy and closed several of its restaurants around the country (and that Oliver bought up the equipment and furnishings from a closed restaurant in New York and started churning out his own cheddar biscuits).

If you simply can’t live without cheddar biscuits, you’re in luck: here’s a recipe. As always, one of the benefits of making something like this yourself is that you get to tweak the recipe to suit your own taste buds.

Side note: while Red Lobster sells its own box mix for cheddar bay biscuits, skip it. It contains a bunch of preservatives and other unrecognizable chemicals to extend its shelf life. Plus they simplified the recipe for home cooks in ways that make the results not so great (and frankly, kind of soggy). Honestly, there aren’t very many ingredients required to make them from scratch, and even with the box mix you still have to add water, grated cheese, and butter so you aren’t saving very much time.

Peace, love, and (cheddar) biscuits,


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