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More weekend goodness: hamburger buns

Summer’s not over yet! There’s still time to get some weekend grilling in.

I will say, though, it always amazes me how much grocery stores charge for hamburger buns. Even the really cheapo ones — you know the tiny, thin ones — cost at least two bucks for a bag of eight, which is more than double what the ingredients actually cost (and more so for them, because they can buy flour in bulk). And nicer ones cost $4.50 or more at my local grocer. So I’ve started making my own. It’s easy, and if you have a stand mixer with a dough hook then it’s almost no work. Plus, you get to make them the way you like them: just the right size, shiny tops, sesame or poppy seeds, white or whole wheat (or somewhere in between), whatever pleases you. Or mix and match in the same batch. And they’re guaranteed to be fresh.

Also, the same recipe makes hot dog buns; just shape them differently — and size them to the size of your hot dogs (or brats!).

Here’s a starting recipe. Go to town on this.

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