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Mix up your bread

One thing I really encourage is to be able to make bread at least five or six different ways. By that I don’t mean a half-dozen riffs on a loaf of bread; I mean bread in different forms. A basic loaf is great, as are riffs like olive bread. But then it’s even better if you can also make biscuits, dinner rolls and flatbread. Throw corn bread, tortillas, and garlic bread on top of that, and you’ve got a really fantastic, diverse set of side dishes.

The big benefit of having all of these varieties is that it lets you pick a kind of bread that complements your main dish. Doing a fancy roast? Make some dinner rolls. Grilling? How about biscuits. Cooking up a big bowl of pasta? Garlic bread or olive bread. Mexican? Tortillas. Need an appetizer? Bake up some flatbread.

Lots of these breads are great for sopping up a delicious sauce. You know you and your dinner guests want to do it; make it easy on them.

Give yourself options.

Peace, love, and biscuits (or dinner rolls),


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