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Hash browns, and the beauty of a country breakfast

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I will admit to being a fan of big country breakfasts. Having worked a desk job for most of my adult life, five days a week I never really needed a big breakfast to start my day. But on weekends it’s a different story: a big breakfast to start a really active day — with a mug of coffee — is just awesome on a Saturday or Sunday.

Foods that are heavy on carbs, like breads and potatoes, have a bad reputation that is only partially deserved. We need calories to provide energy for our bodies, and the more active we are, the more calories we need. But we often associate carb-heavy foods with a “food coma” a little while later.

The secret to consuming carb-heavy foods is pairing them with a good protein source. When eaten together, the protein helps our bodies set a manageable pace for converting all those carbs into energy. But when we digest carb-heavy foods alone, our bodies can’t regulate it as well; we get a sugar spike, followed by a sugar crash.

Which brings us back to the hot country breakfast. Eggs, bacon or sausage, some fruit, maybe some toast or muffins, and hopefully some hash browns. Protein and carbs. Lots of energy, slowly digested, to sustain us through a busy day. Farmers know what they’re doing.

Here’s a recipe for hash browns. The secret, not-obvious step is that you need to squeeze out excess liquid from the shredded potatoes before you cook them. The rest of it is simple.

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