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Add stuff to your bread

Basic, uncomplicated bread is great — there is a school of thought that bread with meals is supposed to be the “palate cleanser” between courses so that you can taste each item on its own. Or bread can be another utensil, to sop up sauces.

But flavoring your bread is also amazing, and there is almost no limit in the direction you can go. Herbs. Nuts. Grated parmesan cheese. Spices. Cocoa powder and/or chocolate chips. Raisins and cranberries. Bits of fruit — or even vegetables (zucchini bread anyone?)

There are some helpful tips to make this a success. Smaller pieces are easier than larger pieces. Also, if you’re adding stuff that contains a fair amount of liquid, you will need to account for that to make sure the resulting dough isn’t sticky or the bread doesn’t have soggy areas.

Here’s a great practice recipe for olive bread. It’s pretty easy and straightforward, and a great place to start in learning how to add stuff to bread.

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