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I went to a lot of Seattle Mariners games this year, which means I ate a lot of ballpark food. Most of it is, of course, mass-produced crap. But the fresh pretzels they sell… once,… Read More »Pretzels

Rational people can disagree…

People have been hard-boiling eggs for ages. Why is there still disagreement on the best way to do it?

Scrambled eggs


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Scrambled eggs are the best. They can also be the worst, if cooked wrong. Making good scrambled eggs doesn’t take skill or practice; it just takes a bit of knowledge.

Carryover cooking

I just wrote a longish article on the science of heating food, including a section on how “carryover cooking” works. You don’t HAVE to know the details of all this, but it sure does help… Read More »Carryover cooking

Fire up the grill!

If you’re planning on doing some grilling this weekend, you need barbecue sauce. This year, make your own.