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I went to a lot of Seattle Mariners games this year, which means I ate a lot of ballpark food. Most of it is, of course, mass-produced crap. But the fresh pretzels they sell… once,… Read More »Pretzels

Rational people can disagree…

People have been hard-boiling eggs for ages. Why is there still disagreement on the best way to do it?

Scrambled eggs


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Scrambled eggs are the best. They can also be the worst, if cooked wrong. Making good scrambled eggs doesn’t take skill or practice; it just takes a bit of knowledge.

Carryover cooking

I just wrote a longish article on the science of heating food, including a section on how “carryover cooking” works. You don’t HAVE to know the details of all this, but it sure does help… Read More »Carryover cooking