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In praise of egg batter

Eggs, milk, flour. Three basic staple ingredients, that when mixed together in different proportions give you a range of different results. The starting point is Yorkshire puddings: a ratio of 1/2 cup flour to 1/2… Read More »In praise of egg batter

Mix up your bread

One thing I really encourage is to be able to make bread at least five or six different ways. By that I don’t mean a half-dozen riffs on a loaf of bread; I mean bread… Read More »Mix up your bread

Collard greens

I recently learned how to make collard greens. I will admit to being very nervous about approaching this, since it’s such a cultural staple in southern cooking; southern cooking is definitely not something I grew… Read More »Collard greens

Survival bread

There are foods that derive from a rich culinary tradition, and there are foods that people make to survive. Boston brown bread is the latter; it dates back to the earliest European settlers in New… Read More »Survival bread