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The pot thickens…

I just posted a new lesson on thickeners, mainly powdered starches, that are used to thicken sauces and sometimes soups. This was a recurring theme across the Asian stir-fry sauces that we recently published here.… Read More »The pot thickens…

Your kitchen kryptonite

Practically every cook I know has a “kitchen kryptonite,” the one thing that they just can’t make come out right (or at least not consistently, which is equally stressful). For me, for a very long… Read More »Your kitchen kryptonite

Rational people can disagree…

People have been hard-boiling eggs for ages. Why is there still disagreement on the best way to do it?

Carryover cooking

I just wrote a longish article on the science of heating food, including a section on how “carryover cooking” works. You don’t HAVE to know the details of all this, but it sure does help… Read More »Carryover cooking