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In praise of egg batter

Eggs, milk, flour. Three basic staple ingredients, that when mixed together in different proportions give you a range of different results. The starting point is Yorkshire puddings: a ratio of 1/2 cup flour to 1/2… Read More »In praise of egg batter

Mix up your bread

One thing I really encourage is to be able to make bread at least five or six different ways. By that I don’t mean a half-dozen riffs on a loaf of bread; I mean bread… Read More »Mix up your bread

Survival bread

There are foods that derive from a rich culinary tradition, and there are foods that people make to survive. Boston brown bread is the latter; it dates back to the earliest European settlers in New… Read More »Survival bread

What is banana bread?

Seriously, it defies categorization. Breakfast bread? Coffee break munchie? Dessert? All of the above? Either way, it’s darn yummy. Especially with toasted coconut. Here’s a recipe that’s pretty foolproof. Make some and decide for yourself.… Read More »What is banana bread?


I went to a lot of Seattle Mariners games this year, which means I ate a lot of ballpark food. Most of it is, of course, mass-produced crap. But the fresh pretzels they sell… once,… Read More »Pretzels