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Kevin Schofield

Salad dressing

Making a basic oil-and-vinegar salad dressing is one of those ridiculously simple tasks, once you know two things: what an emulsifier is, and the optimal ratio of the three main ingredients: oil, vinegar, and mustard.… Read More »Salad dressing

Your kitchen kryptonite

Practically every cook I know has a “kitchen kryptonite,” the one thing that they just can’t make come out right (or at least not consistently, which is equally stressful). For me, for a very long… Read More »Your kitchen kryptonite

Amazon big deals

There are lots of good deals to be had on everyday kitchen stuff right now.

What is banana bread?

Seriously, it defies categorization. Breakfast bread? Coffee break munchie? Dessert? All of the above? Either way, it’s darn yummy. Especially with toasted coconut. Here’s a recipe that’s pretty foolproof. Make some and decide for yourself.… Read More »What is banana bread?